Withdrawing Physical Reality Tethers

Realised last night that my insecurity was simply due to the fact I had realised and removed the basis and stable foundation to which I saw as a root of myself and life. A very physical attachment of securit and ‘need’ for existence. Removing them = insecure. Mental attachment to phsyical and external ‘things’ in life that I beleive kept me safe and that I needed.

Now I know where the ‘what about phsyial life’ questions are from. That mental insecuity of this belief/value not been met. Attachment to a phsyical basis of life, needing these to be alive, exist. Without them I have no ‘safety net’ to make me feel secure. Without external attacment, what am I? Insecure, unsure. Why? Because this phsyical life that I make within this reality has been my own life, attributing ‘life’ to being something that is outsife of me. Something I need to do or have physically, rather then internally.

This spiritual concept of releasing certainly goes deep.

So now I need to release those attachements and stop seeing them as my needed security. To accept not having them and let it go.

So, do I connect to another, within or too nothing?

I can see how this is releasing ties to 3D/physical. That I am fine with. I accept releasing this attchment to these ‘physical life’ things which I took as my existence. I know I exist beyond them now so I need to step back from them and stop refering to them. Without those attachments, I will not be insecure. As insecurity is soley an internal event, based on what is thought is needed.

So what ‘do’ I need? If my source of security, power, life, foundation is not these things. If these things are not me or true life or existence or power, security then what is? Beyond this life certainly, but beyond this reality? Beyond this Self?

I see how ‘life’ is a mental construct made of what is done and owned. A construct in Self and Reality. Is ‘Self’ the personification of the life? The living life? ANother mental construct of what this ‘life’ is? Born of conscious/sentience trying to tell itself apart from reality? If life is a construct, Self is construct, what about reality? Everything that is perceived?

(This writing continues in the next article – The I No Longer Exists)


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