The I No Longer Exists

(This article is infact a contunuation of thought stream from the previous article)…

I am aware of what I perceive. Though that includes such as emotion and thought as part of the reality. I have been in other realities that have thought and emotion also though.

Maybe ‘physical’ emotion is that difference? Some emotion I feel is no longer physical but expressed differently or through a chakra as energy.

Me = Self/personality       I = Individual awareness/consicousness          ?

There is something about this ‘I’ that I am unsure of. It doesnt feel right. The sense of ‘I’.

I dont know what this ‘I’ is meant to be anymore internally.

Externally ‘I’ has always separated me from reality and everything else in it. Though internally, no idea what ‘I’ would be. It feels like, there is no ‘I’ in any of this reality. It isn’t all ‘I’ either. There is nothing of me or I anywhere here at all!

There is a lack of ‘I’ presence. That seem to have been an illusion within reality itself, in the consciousness maybe.

‘I AM’ is simply another mental creation based in the reality of separation.

‘I’ doesnt exist in this reality. Does that mean the ‘I’ is beyond it? Or is this awareness already beyond the reality perceived?

There is no I here anymore. No ‘me’ within. Externally, like writing here, its hard to not use those words, otherwise it makes no sense at all.

Maybe this is the difference in the internal and external realities? The awareness and perception.


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