Review: Quantum Tarot V 2.0

This has to be the best tarot deck I have had so far. The theme its self I found a nice to change to the usual mystic, fantasy and pagan designs, allowing for some beautiful images of space and various universal bodies.

They come in an upright standing box, perfect for easier removal of the cards from the box.

Guide Book

They come with a guide book which has 2 layouts Relativity Spread (4 cards) and Uncertainity Principle Spread (5 cards).

Relativity Spread

  1. Space – where are you at the moment?
  2. Time – what will change in the future?
  3. Gravity – what is attracting you?
  4. Relativity – key to integration.

Uncertainty Principle Spread

  1. Wave – how you are being affectedd emotionally.
  2. Particle – how you are being affected practically.
  3. Uncertainty –  what can be changed.
  4. Planck’s Constant – what cannot be changed.
  5. Probablity – potential outcome.

The book is separate into languages English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. The English pages are then split into two sections ‘Basic Course’ and ‘Advanced Course’.

Basic Course is the general tarot divinatory meaning of each card

Advanced Course goes deeper into the meaning, making connection to the scientific links to the cards theme

The deck was created using pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Cards

There are 80 cards in all in this deck including two addition major arcana cards specially for this deck called ‘Universe’ and ‘Phoenix’. They are 7cm wide by 12 cm high. They do feature a thin border that is colour matched to the suit (wands, cups, pentacles and swords). What is not apparent on first glance is that there is actually a high gloss effect on the cards that adds an extra dimension to the card overall image. For example on the image below the ‘rings’ around the cup is in fact high gloss.

Example card and guide book meaning.

Ace of Cups – Graviton


Quantum Tarot V2 Sample Card and Rear Image

Basic Course – ‘The Ace of Cups signifies an upsurge of love and compassion, an opening of the heart. What is awakening your love?’

Advanced Course – ‘As the name suggests, the graviton is the carrier particle for gravity. The existence of gravitons remains theoretical as they have yet to be observed scientifically. The Ace of Cups symbolises the birth of a new emotion, an opening of the heart. Its flowing, watery imagery reflects the boundless nature of pure compassion’


(The cards have been well used and are now in retirement so please excuse the ‘white’ around the edges).


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