Review: Reiki For Life by Penelope Quest

I bought this book a few years after completing my Level 1 reiki attunement course when I was looking to do Level 2. I had already previously bought her  book entitled ‘An Introduction to Reiki’ prior to booking my level 1 course and found it extremely helpful to get into the mindset of what reiki was and what was involved in participating in healing.

It incorporates most of the information and sub practices included in usui reiki and is a great handbook to go alongside being reiki attuned, especially if you are being distance attuned. It shows all the hand positions, chakras and their locations and meanings of parts of the body and types of emotional and mental energies.

The ‘Being Creative’ is an excellent addition showing the numerous instance where reiki can be used including food, crystals and on pets.

The Traditional techniques includes the Usui traditional use of ‘Gassho’, ‘Hatsurei-Ho’.

The author describes herself as ‘.. a Reiki Master of the Usui, Tibetan and Karuna healing tradition with twelve years experience in the practice and teaching of this ancient healing art.’

The book is sectioned into five parts

  • Simplicity and Power – Reiki Healing Energy
    • Discovery of Reiki
    • Reiki and Energy
    • Healing and Wholing
    • Training in Reiki
  • Activating your Healing Channel – Reiki First Degree
    • Reiki First Degree Training
    • self-healing with Reiki
    • Treating Family and Friend
    • Being Creative with you Reiki First Degree Skills
  • Developing your Understanding – Reiki Second Degree
    • Reiki Second Degree Training
    • The Reiki Second Degree Symbols
    • Hands on Treatments using Symbols
    • Distant Healing Techniques
    • Other Uses for the Reiki Symbols
    • Creative Uses for Your Second Degree Skills
  • The Japanese Tradition
    • The Importance of Self-Cleansing
    • Additional Techniques from the Japanese Tradition
  • More Steps Along the Reiki path
    • The Importance of Spiritual Development
    • Becoming a Practitioner
    • Third Degree Reiki
    • Other Forms of Reiki



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