Vlog: Personal Revelation of Truth (aka Can of Worms)

It is amazing how a great revelation is usually followed by some harsh truths.

A final confirmation, acting as the final nail in the coffin made me accept such a truth along with having to face the details of this truth and how it affects my entire life and path up to this point.

This is quite a personal video and hit close to my Core. I wanted to show how this type of harsh truth facing is a part of everyday life on a spiritual path and how.. it can be regarding some pretty out there topics that one has to face and accept as ones own truth of being.

To accept such out there aspects can be one of the hardest things there is. In being completely open and honest about them I feel I am confronting my own perception of keeping this to myself for the very thing mentioned in this video. Judgement.

I had originally put this up on youtube, however due to its more personal nature I have decided to link it from my blog as a private video so general searches wont pick it up!

(This vlog is a follow from from: http://perfectstormuniverse.com/2016/06/07/working-through-a-self-perception/)



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