VLog: Current Soul Connection Revelations and Feelings

I couldn’t wait to grab my camera and talk about this. I feel today has made such a shift that I was eager to get the process started!

In this I talk about my recent Soul Connection revelation I had today and I talk my way through as I expand my awareness of this revelation to incorporate and connect to other aspects of my path and experience.

Yes, it turned into a rant of my ‘now’ but it was worth it.

I do not post or even talk about my Soul Connection much, mainly due to the fact I have been aware that I need to look to ‘me’, not him. However I was inspired by the mentioned youtube video to talk about it and give my currently experiences, thoughts and feelings on the matter.

I am rather surprised, watching it back in editing, how open and honest I am. I guess its easier to do this into a camera as I am still a shy person and feel that many of my feelings and perspectives would not be openly welcomed… even on many a spiritual forum/chat room today.

I hope this speaks to you, as most definitely spoke to myself on watching this back :0

All my videos are based entirely on my own experiences, thought, perception and feelings.  This is me open, honest and hopefully not sounding to insane.

This is a glimpse into one such unique path as it is taken, or resisted depending on the subject!


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