The Unique Journey

When I first started looking into metaphysical and spiritual events I was brought into a very well set out and organised world. Like a fairground there attractions, rides, thrills and new experiences to try. All had their own unique feature and experience to offer. There were even huge sign posts of what was available and where.

Other fair goers you run into would chatter excitedly about a ride they had just discovered directing you over in that direction, sharing their latest experiences.

Some would try everything they could get there hands on at least once, maybe twice before seeking a new thrill.

Others seemed to prefer a few rides and experience and laughed or dismisses other experience of other rides as fantasy or ‘rides for beginners’, seemingly claiming the rides as their own.

There were as many types of ride as there are people.

Why go to the fair?

Some seek adventure, a new thrill. Something different, a new experience to own. Others seek companionship and to expand their lives, to grow from the lesson the rides and other people can give them.

So much choice.. so many rides, so many new experiences.. so many dazzling lights, loud sounds, a sea of faces.

So much to keep you occupied, keep your attention… to keep your mind busy.

How many people, find the uniqueness in such a dazzling, loud, crowded place. There is an intention, a reason to be there for as many people that are attending.

How many people are so engrossed that they lose sight of what is happening? Their minds so lured by what is happening around them that they lose sight, some never even notice, they are being tested.

They are a part of the fair.

Just another ride. Just another attraction.

All the experiences, the knowledge, the beliefs…. just more dazzle, more sound.

More to take in and even more a part of the illusion that is the fair.

The fairground is just that. Like any fair it has its attendants, advisers and workers. They are part of the wider truth hidden behind the distraction.

They know when people see beyond the fair and when they approach you, they will give you the chance… the chance to go beyond all that you see.

Whether you are able to answer correctly depends on how unique your fairground is.

Are you sharing the common fairground or have you started to be able to tell yourself apart from the noise and lights?


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