Soul Connection Update!

Been a while since I did either article or vlog on just my soul connection and many a things has happened so I figured its time for an catch up on what I have learned.

I still haven’t met Him in person. It is all still internal and spiritual energy perspective. I can’t say this will be in any order, as so much has happened and I will have to let the memories come on their own…

I have become aware that the ‘twin flame’ connection DOES indeed, lead you to yourself. That I can confirm! The Twin Flame connection, the soul connection… is in fact a connection to your own soul. Your own self!

I have been working on myself alone for many a year,  though I never thought to fully look into my relationship with myself (thanks to a Lee and Sherry @RelationshipReinvented video for the idea). As I settled down to become aware of it I was suddenly surrounded … by my Soul Connection’s (human) presence and mind. ‘WTF’ I thought and I had to grin at the irony. I look at my relationship with myself and He pops up.

I sat with the effects of my initial foray until they faded and had a short break and decided it meant I was on the right track.

So, I went back to my sun lounger and laid back to try again. I am unsure how I came to this point but I suddenly realised and became aware of myself. That Self was on the other end of my ‘Twin flame’ connection and the man I had been aware of in spirit and loved so dearly, as my connection…. was infact myself!

I can not express the elation of that discovery. I could feel it all so clearly. The Twin Flame connection was a connection to myself and myself was my twin flame!

Suddenly a whole lot of my life made sense….

Except where this.. ‘other’ human body came into it… He the same ‘self’, hence when I look to myself I see him..

..are we different ‘selves’, maybe two higher selves that are One, that know each other, working together…

..Or simply nothing more than a representation and that is it..

(What I learnt about my ‘self’ is in the next article called ‘Self Update‘)

Connection to Him via the left hand has shown itself to me over a few years now.

However the physical Other may work out, one thing I am certain of is the spiritual Self, masculine and feminine.

Often when I reach out in my imagination during an inner working or some such I reach out with my right hand to take his, the odd thing is that I feel it with my left hand.

If I hold his, I feel like someone has just taken my left hand oO. I feel my own energy hand.

Took me a while to figure this one out. They say the right is masculine and left is feminine… though I definitely feel the masculine in my left.

It is almost like we are completing a cycle, completing a connection. I never thought much to it until an interesting night follow by what I saw clairvoyantly the next day when I saw my energy. I saw my energy self.. a ball of light on the head and one in each hand. Each hand was connected to the ball on the head by a beam.. yet the there was no connection between the hands.

This confirmed to me that there was indeed a connection on the masculine/feminine aspects through the physical body.

Dreams can act as a guidance to your Collective Progress…

This one surprised me to, but I began to notice that over the years I have been going through the experience in my dreams, rather than in person. I believe this is simply due to the fact the ‘human’ other is the other side of the world therefore, how else to go through it?

I have gone through much of my learning in dreams I do not know why I didn’t realise this sooner. All the stages I can point to in my dreams spanning the past decade.

I have certain characters that seem to represent my growth and awareness   with myself and Human Other. Yet in the dreams I am tending to notice when they have been absent from them.

One of my common representatives appeared after a long absence after a shared awakening to each other. I was rather surprised to receive a dream phone call, which when I answered he immediately pop up in the dream. He had left his old ‘life’ and had basically come to see me as he had been given spiritual abilities to help him on his way and even regained some of his old ‘influences’ back. He seemed upset and unnerved by it and was seeking some comfort and support.

I hit me when I woke up that this all pointed to growth and self-working on his end. He was aware of what was happening, he was going through it. He also wasn’t the same as he used to be, it was like he had fully accepted and let it all go.


2 thoughts on “Soul Connection Update!

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. Please be sure to check out the Soul Connection Links page for others articles I felt was worth a read 🙂


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