11/11 – Twin Flame Valetines Day

I have decided that today will be the Twin Flame version of Valentines Day!

I had a dream that my TwinSoul (higher self) showed up after a 10 years absence and said he wanted to meet me on Friday. Turns out Friday was not only the day after but also 11/11! I did not assume this meant physical, so I am open to anything!

So I decided in celebration of this and of the 11/11 significance of Twin flames in general I decided to make this day my day of dedication to my connection. To be honest I only decided this under an hour ago though the intent and action to manifest and accept this connection and union, I feel is only amplifed with naming this alloted day.

So far I have:

  • (only slightly) dressed for the occasion. Nothing flash, just substituted my usual at home baggy and slightly faded leggings for my favourite pair of jeans, put a minimal ‘face’ on. Nothing to much, just some BB cream and tinted lip balm (which is more than my usual none).
  • Had a full energy maintainence session aligning, balancing, grounding, healing and removal of residue from dreams over the past few night that worked on revealing aspects of my connection. Then a brand new shield (not that I get bothered but for today I wanted to make sure I wasnt disturbed).
  • I still have a left over band of lavender cord which I had made into a make shift ring from last year as a type of dedication band for my ring finger. I took this and cleansed it and set the intent of the ring, of wearing it and slipped it on my finger.
  • I took my multi-stone rose quartz necklace, cleansed and activated it to help clear and open my heart to this today.
  • I am writing this! Best way for me (obviously) has been writing, so here I am. Though to be fair I am free typing this straight into a blank wordpress post, rather then writing by hand then copy typing it over. So this itself is a huge part of this.

I do not have anymore set things, however I do hope to fit in a connecting to our Higher Selves at some point today and a mini candle lighting ritual to signify the re-lighting of this connection into the phsyical realms.

ADDITION: I decided to make some TF Day biscuits! I have always  been alone on valentines day and NEVER done anything for it so I decided today would be the day and here they are:

Gluten & Egg Free, Golden Syrup and Choc Chip biscuits.


On to the writing intent of this article…

I realise I have been sat on the fence too long, my attention on .. I dont even know what. Some old idea that things couldnt get any worse for me and everything had broken down. Well yes that happened.. but that was a while ago now and that is no longer where I am.

I can stop trying to cope with that monumental loss and realise that part of my experience is over. I am now travelling on the flat after a huge dive, coasting till I realise that I can start to rise again. Especially, since my Twin is now back in the picture, I REALLY dont need to ‘cope’ without him anymore and I certainlly dont want to carry everything I had gone through during that dive and in hitting the floor into a new connection between us.

That was a fear of mine I realised yesterday, that He would be so different, that it would be like starting again from scratch with another man. It also explains why I felt the human manifestion of the One I Loved was some type of second-best and wasnt the One I was expecting, or like I was expecting. I was simply looking to how things were before, not that I really know how they were but that didnt stop it really. I guess the not really knowing was part of the resistence.

Well that doesnt bother me so much anymore. I let go of 3D emotional attachments a while ago now though I have realised that even though they maybe gone, it still doesnt mean the soul/energy/consciousness doesnt still feel the pain of that absence. It was quite a surprise to me though there it was.

I have always chosen this connection, this union for most of my life and I see no point in stopping now. I have given over everything in my life except the fact that I still draw breath. Of myself, I have given alot though I know there is still more and I am sure that will never stop as we continue ‘enfold’ into eachother.



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