‘Just One More Thing Left’

Ok.. this thought appeared in my mind one night. Though, what does it mean exactly?

I had just finished dealing with something and was doing some final energy work to ‘smooth’ down the changes and it just ‘popped in there’. One more hurdle? One more issue? It seemed relevant to my ‘current goal’ (though not necessarily a final goal).

I paused as I heard the message and let it sit in my awareness a moment with the feeling it was a thought to myself.. from elsewhere. So, one more thing eh? Great! Nearly there, where/whatever ‘there’ is. Just one more? Though of course that ‘one’ can be a whole process that will include who knows what and take who knows how long. ‘One’ sounds like your so close.. yet it can be so deceptive.

This was about a month ago and I feel I am only still ascertaining the direction of where I will find this. All I have as my clues are sorrow, heart pain and a ‘was angry’ spirit. Seemingly, a simple case of letting go of what was and now gone. Whilst moving forward into a re-birth of it all. Though this appears to be on the deepest spirit/soul level so I am finding it tough to find the right tools to get THIS deep.

Energy work has become almost instant now. I dont even need to know how or where, often not even a what. I just sit back and say to myself ‘ok.. letting whatever needs to happen to my chakras to move forward, happen now’ and just let it happen, which it starts to do within a minute. So at least some aspects are flowing near instantly.

I find I am less digging up and healing, more revealing and changing.

The only chakra that comes up for healing of past issues now is my heart chakra, this ‘one thing left’. The only chakras that need to be brought into the right state for the movement forward in all is my third eye and crown, though they are open, the kundalini hasn’t quite finished with them JUST yet and its certainly not through lack of working on them!

I have managed a glimpse of where I am going, with it an understanding of what is going on. So I feel now I can let go of my fear-based thoughts of whether I am going through something for good or bad reasons. ‘Did I do something wrong?’ type which has been a feeling for many years.



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