How To: General Energy Maintenance – Intro & Prep

Keeping up on maintaining the health of your energy body is just as important as the daily cleansing of the physical body.


Years of living unconsciously is rather like spending years without bathing (or going to the toilet!). Everything that clings to you, that you take in remains and grows layer upon layer. Within you it collects,turns hard and clogs up your system making you slow and heavy, physically and energetically.

Every thought, decision, reaction, and behaviour has shaped and changed your energy body in ways you were never even aware of.

The general energies around collect in your energy body, others people opinions, emotions, thoughts, lodge in your chakras and systems introducing their ‘version’ of things.

Even simple decisions that were made ‘for the best’ can create unforeseen blocks and walls in your energy field, cutting off various aspects of your energy systems from working together effectively.

Things you thought in the past still cling with in you, weighing you down and affecting your present state.

This working can only really be done effectively when you already have built up an energy awareness and manipulation technique. This means being able to feel the subtle energy sensations, know how to direct them and KNOW the difference between a ‘physical’ body sensation and an energetic one.  Otherwise you will not be able to read the feedback of your working in real time and you will not know what is going on, what works, what is making it worse and what healing or intuition is being released.

This means you will be doing as you have always done.. affecting your energy body WITHOUT knowing what your actually doing (and that is if you are affecting anything at all).

This working assumes you have a general knowledge of the chakras, energy and have already worked on the ability to visualise and hold intent (as learned from already building your energy awareness).

Initial Preparation

Before you start your energy work for the first time.. or the next time you do it if you have already been at it a while and have come across this for new ideas..

Sit comfortably or lay down. Close your eyes and breath. Take your awareness to your energy body and its systems. Spend a minute or two bringing them all to your attention and acknowledge them.

Next send your attention back to the past X years of your life and realise how you weren’t aware. Then forgive yourself for all of the unconscious years you spend not understanding how your decisions and choices you made were affecting your energy body. How they were affect this aspect of you.

Bring your attention back to the present and  your energy body and take responsibility NOW to bring justice for all those years by, from this moment, taking it upon yourself to clear away all of those years of neglect.

Don’t just recite the words MEAN them.. if you don’t feel this passionately or fully understand and agree then a large part of the healing is lost.

Take responsibility for your lack of action, understand that you were simply not aware then, but now you are and now, you will make it right. For you.

When your ready to proceed,  click the link below…

How To: General Energy Maintenance = The Process


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