How To: General Energy Maintenance – The Process

If you have not read the first part of this How To, please first read the Intro & Prep before continuing, especially if you are new to this.

For best results this process is best repeated every day – for the rest of your life to keep your system clear and flowing free!

However, if that is not possible 2-3 times a week is sufficient, it will simply take longer to ‘catch up’.

By ‘catch up’ …bare in mind you will most likely have years of things to clear away (maybe even from past/other lives beyond this one!). So try not to place any expectations of how long it should or will take. It could take months or years. Things will continue to appear, even if you didnt notice anything the day before.

Try not to concentrate solely on your intention or visualisations. Keep it light and keep open to any arising sensation or intuition that may arise as you go. Accept whatever comes and let it go.

I will break this down into stages for ease of explanation and understanding.

Grounding and Rooting

This is done with a view to connecting your energy to the earth or wherever you feel is best for your energy.

(For some people, grounding to the earths frequency can act somewhat as an anchor that stops the balloon (them) from rising any higher or effectively ‘pulls’ them back down in frequencies. Though this only becomes an issue after significant change in energy frequency.

Rooting into a higher frequency then you are able to manage will most likely have a negative influence and make your energy unstable and leave you feeling scrambled. So I recommend not doing it on a whim or because you ‘think’ your a high frequency. Remember a ‘high frequency’ is NOT the same as being in a good mood or in a place of positive thoughts and emotions. Its NOT the same thing.

If in doubt, ask your soul/spirit/higher self or energy itself to ground where is best.)

This helps you to bring up new energy, stable energy to help stabilise your own.

The most popular method is to visualise roots growing from your root chakra or the soles of your feet, down into the ground then bring up the energy and sending it to all of your chakras. Starting in the feet and working your way up to the crown through all the interconnected energy pathways. Then out of your chakras and into your energy body and field itself.

(You can also ground ‘upwards’ for a more balanced feeling. Send roots up to God, Source, higher self… whichever you prefer. Or just stick with the earth if you just getting started.)

Creating a Protective Shield

With that energy now flowing and filling your energy field, see and feel it start to gather on the outer edge of your energy field. As it forms place within it your intent for it to protect you from negative energies, thoughts, emotions, anything that will disrupt or have a negative influence on yourself as a whole.

Dont try to completely control or ‘over program’ the shield. Leave it enough ‘freedom’ to do as you have created it for. The mind often believes it needs to be in control and be responsible for the control and ‘doing’ of everything. That without it, nothing will be done. Allow your energy based consciousness to do what it does best, without restriction of the minds long list of commands.

Let it do as needed to perform its intended function. See if form hard and strong.

Aligning and Balancing Chakras

Using the same energy that is currently running through you, set your visualising and intent on your chakras. From your feet, a chakra at a time and see and intend, know, that the grounding energy is aligning the chakra, moving it into where it knows it should be positioned. Let the energy, the chakra itself turn into a smooth harmonious flow. See it happen and LET it happen.

Remember, your energy and chakras all hold more of your own consciousness, it KNOWS what is best for the energy body, dont try to control it or assume your mind know best as it most likely doesnt! Trust it to do as you intend.

Cleansing and Purifying the Chakras

With the same energy coursing around your energy systems go back to your chakra in your feet. Working upwards a chakra at a time let the energy flowing through the chakras remove any energies that are not your own. That are having a negative effect on the chakra. Anything old or heavy.. intend and let the energy from below remove them from your energy body completely. Willing let it go and allow it to be taken.

Work your way through  your chakra and when you are finished let the energy flowing into your energy field do the same thing. Let go and let the energy cleanse your energy field.



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