Initial Map of Selves

Ok, this probably wont make too much sense to anyone as I know it doesnt to me! I was toying whether to put this up as I made it years ago and is no where finished!

For the sake of aiding my understanding of the different ‘selves’ I am aware of I starting to create this diagram, noting how they could be all awakened to being each other based on my own experiences.

I have based the concept on Lucid Dreaming as it seems to best fit my experiences of Spiritual Awakening.

‘Self’ in this instance is made in experience of a separate reality in which there is a different body and world. As such I tend to think of this as a different layer of consciousness. So each layer of consciousness is a separate reality/world and Self within it.

‘Dream’ is understanding that each Self is in a dreaming state of consciousness, unless it is lucid.

In this case, becoming ‘lucid’ in any reality is the equivalent to spiritual awakening as one is awakening as a Self from another layer.

There is no linear awakening up-down or left-right here. I believe it can happen on any one randomly and brief moments can flash back and forth as what happens to one effects the others, like a chain reaction of effects.

I have based it on the three most general, umbrella layers I am most familiar with:

  1. Sleep and dreaming
  2. Awake and in the waking world
  3. ? – What we consider the spirit/soul/consciousness/higher existence

In my experience.. although you can visit one from another.. you are always bound to the understanding of the layer of consciousness you currently reside in and the layer self that become lucid. So the reality is restricted to its layer and the Self to its which can be a good or bad thing depending on the span between them which could mean it could be rather overwhelming.

For example being in the ‘Sleeping and dreaming’ layer of consciousness reality and world… though as the lucid ‘Awake and in the waking world’ Self.. would be vastly different then being the ‘?’ Self being lucid in the reality/world of that ‘Sleeping and dreaming’.

I havent worked on this in years and not sure if I will continue it but for the sake of interest, here it is:



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