Feel Like I am Dying… Urghh..

Its currently 4am here in England and I am feeling suddenly thank ful for my almost there touch typing skills sat in this dark room.

This is my second night at being awake at this time (though luckly I managed to get a few hours sleep tonight) and for a person who likes to lay in on a morning to do energy work being awake at this time is highly irregular.

This is all due to a suddenly out of the blue throat infection, fever, shaking etc.

This may seem like an ordinary regular occurance to some though for me, its highly rare I ever even get a sore throat and I can go many a years without even a cold.

Needless to say this has felt, to me, like I was dying or decaying! Though, I suspect there is more at play.

The first day I woke up feeling like I hadnt slept in days with a strange feeling throat, weak aching body. I assuming it was the healing I had tried yesterday. I had, the previous day, come across an article that spoke of healing the phsyical body of its stored stress, fears etc and as I set to it had an enormous reaction in the form of ice cold kundalini working there way down my arms and in my left hip and knee.

I thought it made sense from the strong reaction, to have such aching limbs the next day, so I followed my bodies wishes and curled up on the sofa to get some sleep.

Now, I dont know if the healing triggered this or the  growing infection, but after a few minutes I had the strongest kundalini rising I ever had before. I felt it gather and collect in my seat and slowly start to make its way up my spine. Well, I should say sidways as I was laying down at the time.

It had real pleasant feel to it this time though, a sensation I never felt with it before. Its usually just really hot or really cold. In all it worked its way up to where my neck meets my back and remained there as a full column for about an hour, the sensation of it fading as I became used to it. Usually it jumps to to a selected chakra and remains only in that point, never has it been a full root and up column before.

That evening as the fever and shaking fully took hold I was greeted with the most horrdenous back cramps. I havent felt anything like it before in my life! From my lower back (which is where the tensions seemed to always start and be the last to go) all the way up my back every muscle on each side was SO tense I didnt know what to do with myself. The pain was incredible. It was like they had bunched up into a single knot. Luckily heat was enough to eventually calm then down, even if it did raise my body temp even more.

I couldnt help but see the similarity of this and the kundalini from earlier and was sure there must be a close, orchestrated plan going on.

Needless to say I didnt sleep at all that night and after 9 hours laying in bed I finally gave up sleep and sat in bed, in the dark, flickering though google to pass the time from 3am onwards.

Luckily yesterday wasnt so unpleasant or painful as that first day, though the fact the kundalini only rose to the base of my neck/throat wasnt lost on me either.

I have heard of ‘ascension flu’ but never thought it was something this ‘physical’ or that this could happen this far on in a path.

Right now I am just hoping it will be gone soon.. along with my throat that looks SO gross right now it freaks me out just a bit. I dont like the Doctors but if it isnt looking better soon, I will be of for some antibiotics.

UPDATE: My throat infection thankfully only last 4 days so was a short xmas gift. Unfortunately, I was given the new years gift of a sinus infection so it continues!


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