That Was… Quick!

I know they say that the new year brings in new opportunities and changes etc.. though I never expected things to be happening on day one!

It was only the 1st January 2017 yesterday though already I had become aware of two new avenues to take in my progress.

My personal mission of my blog and my Twin Flame connection!

The Blog

My latest blog post was something of new territory for me. The way it was made and the process behind it seemingly came from now where and I was left with a brand new type of post.

Rather than working through my own personal issues and things in my mind I was lead down a new path of what I have called Spirit Guided Posts. There are the things that Spirit wants me to explore, bring new understanding to and to share out. Things that I need to flesh out or manifest understanding of for the manifestation and nurturing of my new Being. New understanding, perceptions and Justice to the misconceptions of 3D concepts.

I do not know if these are confined to a single topic or wide ranging, I guess we will see.

As such I feel it is now time to mark the change of my path stages from ‘Preparation’ (Menu – Universe Exploration) which entailed most of my healing, releasing and transformational experiences.. to now being prepared to move on to the next stage. I have called this ‘Mission’ (Menu – Spirit Guided Posts) though it is primarily and currently my solo mission.

Journal Posts are simply updates that belong in neither field, rather like this post. Its getting more complicated though it is to avoid confusion.

Twin Flame/Soul Connection

This was maybe the most surprising. I have done a far bit of work over the last week in tying of lose ends. In accepting we are both here, now and working jointly on this same venture.

What I became aware of was what I had always known as an ‘issue’. The fact he wasnt here and that felt wrong. I let myself sit with it for a while and I realised that I felt he SHOULD be here. We had come this far so I felt it made sense for him to be (as in physically in touch/knowing each other).

It struck me that this shows that I DO want him here and that I know he should be after coming all this way together. This ‘issue’ then began to feel different and as I observed it, it seemed to morph inside of me and it was no longer a block but and open doorway.

For Him, to come into my life to further our joint ventures, was now open and possible. I could FEEL it, I was AWARE it was now open. Energetically, the way was now open…


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