What Awakens? What Ascends? I am the Center.

With awakening, am I (the spirit) still the ‘who’ and a different ‘what’ or still the ‘what’ with a different ‘who’? Or the same ‘who’ and ‘what’ just another ‘how’? Am I, this new ‘who’ or someone else under the guise of this human?

I feel I need to ask these again as something still is unknown to me that fits this pattern. Knowing the who/what/how would help. Do they all remain and it is only a restart in a new ‘where’? New where being frequency etc.

Though, is that purely a soul/consciousness frequency, or a ‘human’ level frequency? Hmm.

I feel there is something here!

So what ‘is’ reborn? What is ascending?

The ‘human’ or the spirit?

Often it is referred to as the human that ascends, that spiritually grows, though does it?

Or is it the rest/spirit or soul that is in fact ascending with the aid of the ‘human’ guise? After all, there is no ‘here/3D’ in that sense to go to (in terms of incarnation). Wow that just hit me now!

After my rebirth of these aspect, as they slumber and grow ‘closed’, like a room under renovation, is that what causes this ‘human’ experience?

Limited to this level of consciousness in the mean time? It would make sense in many ways.

So I am already not human or 3D or in any Dimension in that sense. I am not ‘here’ on earth in that sense. It is more like… earth ‘here’, came to me..

Weird though it doesn’t seem impossible either. In fact it feels right in a way. Maybe  ‘here’ is one of many ‘heres’? That I have called to my space that I am? Earth came to me… around me. I did not come to earth.

Its a feeling, sensation, awareness so hard to put into words. What is this I am aware of? A higher perception yes, but of or from what?


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