Storm of Change

It has been quite a few weeks of upheaval. Many of my understandings since my previous post have now changed due to several realisations daily for over a week. I decided, following this and the round of infections (throat then sinus), laryngitis and  a cough that followed back to back that it was time for a break am I am now coming to the end of a self designated healing week.

In no particular order…

I decided to cut the connection to my human Twin Flame. An experience brought it to my attention that although I am going the process with him.. the connection I have always been aware of.. wasnt to Him and wasnt the connection I am aware of having with him. Hence I now refer to it as a Twin Flame Process, that I am going through internally on my own.

I felt I didnt have enough information to make such a decision though I was acutely aware that I never would. So, I just made the decision. He isnt here so its time to let it go properly. I asked Arch Angel Michael to cut the connection for me (knowing he would do it correctly and safely) and boy did it hurt! I felt the immediate ‘slicing’ of something being detached seemingly from my physical stomach.

I did wonder if it was the right thing, though the next day I received several signs in short succession that this was the right thing to do. Now, I just feel free! Sure.. I seem to dream of Him more often, however I no longer feel under his presence all the time.

I realised that unless we were to meet, I didnt wish to further and deepen anything with him beyond the process we had already been going through. I want more then just dreams and eternal potential.

During this healing week, I have been focusing on healing my subtle bodies as I realised its something I have been neglecting.

I FULLY recommend, that when you do energy healing, make sure to send the energy to your etheric, mental and emotional/astral bodies to! I found part of my astral body was just space, like it was missing and in the same ‘spot’ in the etheric I was greeted with a vision of a screaming man.

On a further healing note, I have been drawn to learning a new healing system!

I have always had a spiritual connection to Egypt, as shown by more than one spontaneous spiritual soul journey to a higher dimensional Egypt. The root of this finally came to my attention during an astral travel to which I was able to travel to my sanctuary (which I assumed my astral self had established) and the brief remembrance of my flight there before the memory goes blank.

(I turns out that I stopped astral projection due to a conscious split. For some reason it was decided that I should be kept ‘unaware’ of some things)

I had felt a renewed interest in learning Sekhem and I was reading a website about it and I could feel my crown open. I bookmarked a video to watch later, though the feeling on my crown continued to grow, I then started to feel it dripping down my neck and I gave up and went to watch it. I looked at the clock and it was 11:11am. I decided Spirit WANTED me to do this. So I sat and watched the short 5 min, receiving an attunement as I watched.

Needless to say that I plan on completing the basic level 1 attunement soon.

It felt like my ‘in-person’ level 1 Reiki attunement in many ways. Starting at the crown then heat running down my neck to my rear heart. Though this was chosen for me, almost, I didnt even have to ask for it. I am hoping this will give me the new kick I need to to start a shift.


2 thoughts on “Storm of Change

  1. I love what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of
    clever work and reporting! Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve included
    you guys to my personal blogroll.


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