Creating a New Energy, Spiritual Connection, Attunement and Healing System

After a decision that my basic spiritual beliefs, knowledge.. and just about everything else  do not seem to match my experience any longer, I have spoken to my Inner Guidance and was told ‘something different is awaiting you’.

So no more spiritual path, spiritual awakening, the idea of what I am doing, whats going on, where I am heading.. all gone!

Exciting yet completely lost for sure now!  Although it means things can open up, it also begs the question of ‘how’.

So after a decision to look into starting to offer Reiki Attunements over distance and looking into the process, I proceeded to begin a self re-attunement using a distance method I use of my own innate ability. (I tend to try things out on myself before others for obvious reasons). I was hit with a fantastic idea soon after the crown pressure of the re-attunement taking effect.

Why not create my own energy, spiritual connection and attunement system, based on my own innate energy weaving ability! One made to help people on their spiritual path and awakening, not just to connect them to some universal energy, but to themselves and those aspects they feel drawn to. This is will be for those starting out on a spiritual or even metaphysical path. Basic processes will be for those seeking help to connect to their higher selves, consciousness, heart, guides etc. It will then go on to things such as connection to/attuning elemental energies, astral frequencies and energy weaving for healing and upgrading of chakras, meridians and the like.

It makes sense to use my strongest abilities, something I can offer than following and adding more of what is already available.

So, I am current in the process of creating and running through the basic processes on myself, then I will finding some ‘willing’ first timers!

I am open to ideas of what others would find beneficial to have a process for! Let me know and I will look into it!


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