Urghhh … Again… Seriously?

What have I done to deserve this again? (warning this will be a rant post)

I have felt something rattling around my chest for a few weeks now, the remainder of my previous infections I assumed. Well on 10 February, the full moon and eclipse, it all kicked off. SERIOUSLY unsettling, emotional dreams, waking every hour on the hour, fever, coughing, gagging, sore throat. This carried on for 3 days.

Now, its in my nose, eyes.. it hurts just to look left or right! Though at least I slept well last night and my dreams are.. showing me things..Least I seem to stop coughing enough on a night TO sleep!

I am sure the moon is to blame! (I blame it anyway)

Though this is the main reason due to my absence. That and I figured a weeks break was in order to get my head clear from everything I had been doing. You could say it worked and this.. whatever this is, is that dropping away.


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