Perspective Shift – Careers..of all Things

Well this one came somewhat out of the blue. I have never thought I could be shown the career path I should choose through a dream, though I think it just happened!

Last night I dreamt that I had a breakthrough, a realisation. I knew what I had to do! It was so out of the ball park for ANYTHING I could ever come up with whilst awake I knew it had to have a deeper meaning. I thought about it briefly when I had woken up during the night and it matched the main things I had listed as necessary for me getting back into work ie. nothing like I had left.

  • Self Employed – not beholden to any other demands or expectations that I couldn’t give them
  • Outdoors – At least partial, not stuck in an office or chair
  • Based at Home – Just what I need and can be done in my own time and I can take with me as I move
  • Ethical work

I originally had forgotten about the dream until my mother came in from the garden and said ‘Its to bad you don’t have anything out there you can do, its lovely in the sun’


The dream came back to me.

I decided that even as a hobby, it was worth getting started on immediately. The business side would come later (due to the nature of the business I have that time, thankfully). I feel no hesitation or resistances to it, so I figure, ‘won’t know, if you don’t try!’

I even asked my tarot if this would be good for me and it gave me = The World. Not bad :p

I had been researching into this most of the day when it hit me. This isn’t just a hobby, business or a way to make income (which I need after 4-5 years unemployed). This IS my way to FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE. Away from all this, my way of moving onward, being able to get my own place, own life, life as I want t

Within seconds I felt changes as this sunk in, not just mentally but even emotionally. I felt my heart centre alter in some way, my perspective shifted and there it was. This is my way. This IS it. Now when I think about this.. this is all I see.

I still have lots of preparation and plans to make though I am tempted to make a separate blog to go along with this undertaking. Good idea?


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