Connecting to a Lemurian Seed Quartz

I have had these here four Lemurian Seed Quartz crystals for over a decade now but never really did anything with them to in depth. After a conversation with someone I decided to give it another shot. After all, I have changed a lot since then.


I used the one on the far left.

On first connection I have a sudden thought and image of a beige, tall monkey with black ears and long black fingers…or it was a hook.. not really sure..

Took me a few moments to realise this had just appeared. The monkey seemed to be on its hind legs ans fiddling with something I couldn’t see.

I tuned into my body and awareness and noticed a slight energy going up my arm and up the left side of my neck and touch on the rear left third eye.

The energy up that whole side then really began to intensify and it went up to my crown.

Then I started to feel a heavy pressure on my throat and it gently swept, left to right like a slow thick wave, over and over again, occasionally feeling like a line down the center front of my throat.

After awhile a sweep stayed put on the very right of my neck/skin.
A few moments later it started in the centre to right of my chest. It didn’t take as long though until it stayed put on the very right.

Then I felt it on the right of my third eye front, then centered on my crown.

Then I could feel it across I eyes briefly till it assumed the position all the rest had.

Then I just felt it all in a line, crown to chest, a line of energy pressure, all down the very right side.

At this point I didn’t want to stop it incase the changes made re set to I kept going a while longer. I felt the energy start to go into my right arm down to my elbow and I said to end there so I gave it a few minutes to ‘finish up’ then I thanked it and asked if we could continue tomorrow.

In all this happened over 30 minutes. I have never really worked with crystals as I never seemed to see any changes though I figured with how much I had opened and more sensative I was and how more powerful these were, it was worth a shot.. and it was.


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