What a Real Personal Tarot Reading Is actually like..

WARNING = Contains questionable language…

I decided to record one of my personal tarot readings to show the process that one can go through. This reading is to help me navigate my way through and to purposefully trigger things to help me deal with them.

It not only engages the mind but the emotions. Releasing what is hidden and repressed.

Frustration, confusing, anger, resistance is all part of the processing and working along with the cards as you change and grow… and open with the flip of a card…

In this reading I am (as I have been for years) trying to understand my connection to a Female spirit, whom I had understood as a higher self or past self.

From this I am taking through various other aspects of my connection that helps me to understand how things are connected.

After this reading, I actually grabbed my other deck and many a truth was FINALLY revealed regarding my Soul Connection.


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