Changing to Cruise Control in the Middle Lane

I have noticed it over the past few days though it only occurred to me yesterday that I was finally slipping out of my old system and patterns of the healing and self-development state.

Having the drive, knowing and wanting to work on myself, healing, uncovering, understanding etc has been such a long stage that even when it was over, I was still going through the motions. I have known for a year now that it was all but over but I had no idea how to ‘move’ out of it!

I had been gaining messages of there being more to move into yet, I have no idea what that was, therefore no idea of how else to be.

I could FEEL there was something in front of me ready to move in, so I did something out of the ordinary for me to help usher in the change. I had a ritual.

I generally do not need such things yet I was determined to be completely behind this 100%, therefore a gesture as the manifestation of my determinism seemed the best way to go about this.

Its been over a decade since I last did a ritual, back in the beginning when I was ‘trying my hand’ are various pagan based religions.

I left my table set up a few days after the ritual before I took it down. I didn’t know if it would work, I held no expectations but I am now guessing that ‘this’ is the result!

Now, I have to be mindful not to fall back. I have already been aware of ‘impressions’ of wanting to be given/find something to do. Though I KNOW I am now to move forward.

What I do hope, is that this will bring more of a spirit/physical balance into my life. I had the extreme physical end, then I quickly slid over to extreme spiritual and now I feel I am sliding back over.

I have for the last 4 days  been focusing on a more.. physical aspects of my experience and that is in the decision to have an animal companion in the form of a fish!

I choose a fish on the fact that I am in NO condition to look after a dog, or even a cat… no, a fish falls within my current care allowance and I totally can’t wait to bring my little companion home!

In fact I have been thoroughly enjoying the process of researching and setting things up ready. I am determined to do this right!

He will be the inspiration for my nurturing, caring, maternal feminine aspects (which I do not really have an outlet for) and help me to re-establish a bond of unconditional love, like I had with my dog before she passed away.

So this blog will now (WILL) be taking a more of a physical side of things.  Not just spiritual, but my physical aspect of my life 🙂 This whole blog is a manifestation of my Experience and as I find my balance, so to will this blog become.

So expect a more fish orientated blog post when I bring him home 🙂


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