I am Still Me, Just More Than…

I am so happy that I am getting such quick turn around with these questions now. It seems within 24-48 hours I am having the revelations to clear the confusion.

I realised that all these ‘states/selves’ are external perceptions of my own being.

I liken it to a candle in a glass lantern. Each pane gives a slightly different perception of that same candle within. Different name, face, life actions, experience. Though that doesn’t make the candle just one pane, or limited one at once. Unless of course the candle itself it perceiving itself through/as one of those panes of glass!

This lead to to realise my query in my heart. ‘Am I still Me?’. This wasn’t questioning what I initially thought as being my most recently ‘state’ before this one, but questioning if I can still be consider as just one of those selves, as I am now more than just one of them.

If I am more… then who/what am I now?


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