Dual Angelic Being – My Twin Flame Truth

I was pondering whether to make this into a blog or vlog as I have been wanting to make it for a while yet I didn’t feel I had enough information to make it worth the while.

I have been aware of more to be uncovered for a few days now and with that a lot more about myself that I had yet to fully and deeply accept about myself. The fact that I fall under the concept of a ‘Rod and Staff’, ‘Oraphim’ and ‘Blue Ray’.

Whilst the concepts of these sit true with me and seem to reflect much what what I have already found out about myself, I knew that there was more. More to be understood and in a new way.

Whilst I still do not have clarity on all the aspects (as noted at the end) I feel I have enough understanding of BEING, to have a more in depth understanding of what ‘Twin Flames’ actually ARE. What it is to BE one. AS one. The awareness I have had shows that the concept of Twin Flames is just no longer enough and in order to grow, I need to go away from the concept and deeper into ME.

For me personally, this level and depth of understanding is key to moving deeper and further into myself on a mental and physical level. I have moved off using the Twin Flame label and concept for a long while now, in fact I have done little if at all any work/thought on it!

Simply ‘being’ and observing my being has been enough to see first hand just ‘what’ I actually am in a way that is the closest reflection of my being on a mental level with complete acceptance and understanding of which can only be felt… Which the ‘Twin Flame’ concept never did.

From closing my eyes and just being, observing I could feel my being around me, so I went from there.

‘Twin Flame’ . In my experienced this is a Dual Angelic Being.

Dual Angelic Being

(As given in a vision)

‘Dual’ = Two aspects within the Being.

‘Angelic’ = The energy,  frequency and state. The energy exists as consciousness.

The Union in this is when the two aspects come back together in one/both ‘twins’. Therefore each now holds the dual aspect as shown above, in essence each becoming the dual being once again.

A Unified Angelic Being

I am unsure if this is part of the Union or is more regarding my purpose/mission AFTER union, however there is more to what I was shown.

These ‘Dual Aspects’ come together to form an infinity symbol and from the center of this a new aspect is born and grows, overlapping the other two before leaving the Unified Being completely.

I do currently hold both aspects of my Dual Angelic Being and I am in the process of understanding and reconciling them which seems necessary to be able to move forward to the Unification.

I have allowed myself to be open to the possibility that I may be alone on this physical level, yet I alone may be all that is needed to achieve this and become Unified as I was shown that I am here to be mother to and give birth to this new Energy.

I admit.. the idea of being here ‘alone’ is one that I still feel anxious over. The fear of still finding myself alone, empty of heart even after all is done. I spent over half of my life aware of this Man ‘the Husband’ as He was referred to me last night in telepathy and dream. Being of a Dual aspect.. yet only One Aspect in physical feels wrong as it is not my nature to just be as one.


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