Dreaming of 23 September 2017

I am not Christian or a follower or believer of Jesus and/or Mary yet I somehow was shown this last thing this morning.

As it has such a strong feeling (that and the song is stuck in my head since I woke up) I figured I would share this just in case.

I was in a house I used to live in with my brother, though I could feel he wasn’t really my brother. This house, this dream often represents the hidden mysteries, especially the rooms that are in the dark. This is a reoccurring dream place so I am used to the deal of ‘here is a chance to find something out’.

After a few running into the dark rooms thinking ‘no fear!’ we came to the lit kitchen where we watched a lady I have never seen before washing up. We then left and where upstairs again and we spoke and then went down the stairs. My brother asked what I thought of his mother and I said I hadn’t met her yet  and would have to meet her to get an impression.

A very narrow set of stairs, the same level as the kitchen had appeared, we went down those stairs to come out in that same kitchen.

In that kitchen a woman was talking to a friend whilst washing up. I had never seen her before in my life, almost black hair, high pony tail, wearing mostly black clothing in her 30’s?. She was humming as she moved around, completely unaware we were there. I never saw her face at first.

I said ‘she sounds..’  He added ‘joyful?’ to which I agreed.

I looked to my left and saw a calendar on the wall which said September 2017. I looked back to her as she had sat down facing us, looking at the wall she started to sing :

‘Mary O Mary and Jesus love, Mary O Mary and Jesus love..’

Repeating that same line a few times before I woke up to have the song in my head and my mind racing around the idea that the bible story hadn’t happened yet.

‘Mary’ was actually Virgo, the ‘bright star over Bethlehem’ was actually the sun over Virgos head and the ‘three kings’ where in fact planets around that constellation’.

The song has already started to fade so I am glad its out!

The fact the Revelation matches this astrological event I found interesting, for about an hour several days ago though, this seems a bit much!


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