Project – Request for Support

Hello everyone 🙂

For the past 3 years I have dabbling with the thoughts of setting up a community.

I had dabbled in a test hosting and creating various community and social sites though I never quite found what I felt was there for me to discover.

Recently it hit me 🙂

A network specifically for the support of those going through all kinds of metaphysical and spiritual transformations.

As with any network, it is made of its members, staff, customers, supporters and followers, therefore YOU are all the most important aspect to this entire Network.

This is all about how it can help YOU, therefore it is only as good as each person is willing to make it and I ask  for your support in this.

Whether it is to simply join the Network and Community or to join as a Business with an interest for such a potential place to reach more people, it is all support to help me bring this up to a thriving and supporting Community.

My future aim is to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ for those seeking support and those who are in the business and purpose of providing that support. Whether the support is free, exchange of service or paid for.

If you are interested and willing please visit the Network here :

The Metaphysical Support Network

This Network is still but an infant and whilst does seem an odd choice, for now this is about building the community, whilst still offering free member-to-member support via the Network and associated Community Forum.

In time, when the Community is large enough and with enough support from followers and business, I will then be able to set up a hosted professional resource network.

My plan is to keep the current site up to continue to provide the community and free support going alongside the professional resource.

This support will cost you nothing but the time it takes to join and after that I hope that you will gain by being a part of it.




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