Simplest Changes have the Biggest Impacts

‘I am not the body’
I just realised THIS is actually a bad way to see it as it separates your from the body you are in. It is a type of denial.. from a place of denial of the fact you still ‘currently have one’. Even if only for this temporary life.

 Yes, you are not the body… but YOU still have one.
I realised that unless I understand this difference, how I am to change the body, to evolve and transform it if I constantly am keeping that distance and denial of it being part of me and in doing so.. whats the right words here.. ‘to have the right to decide what happens’.
By keeping that distance you are in a way removing that from your power, your responsibility.  It is only by fully accepting you HAVE a body that you gain full control over it and take it, even temporarily, as an aspect of yourself and allow your essence to fill it and add it to your whole and as such, allow it to become fully in sync with the rest of your being.
Writing this and reading it back to myself, I am realising that all this time I have been giving this aspect of my ‘earthly’ power away. The power of having a body, of being human, of ‘being here’.
After-all, what is a ‘human body’ (which is only our 3d-based understanding) on a higher perspective but one energy body of our multi-dimensional being?
It is not about denying I am human, but denying that I am here.
I can only see this coming from fear. Trying to put a safe distance between my concept of self and all this that feels dangerous to it. What better way then to deny that at least some part of you is here.
When infact I realise. I am RIGHT here. Right now. Not as a human, but my entire multi-dimensional being is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.
Yes, this body is part of my being. Ok, it maybe the metaphorical equivalent of just sticking my finger through a hole in the dimensional wall into another and only my finger can fit through.. though it is still me, here. I am simply only aware of this small part.
Though that doesn’t mean I am not that finger and that finger isn’t a part of me just because the rest of me cant be seen.
How can you accept your whole being if you can not even accept this small part of it?

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