About Me

Due to an acute anxiety disorder I had to stop working and I have fully devoted the last 7 years all to my personal development and exploration of the metaphysical, spiritual and Self. Driven by the desire to heal myself of my anxiety that had plagued my life for at least a decade prior and put my life on hold, completely.

(Please be aware that I am also dyslexic and whilst I try my best, they still slip through.)

I received my first informational instructions via Stories when I was in my early teens through to late teens. I have always been highly imaginative (aka daydreaming) and always creating stories in my mind. This was the medium for this information to be related to me. Here I was made aware of the collective beings, Soul Connections, Divine Feminine and Masculine, multi dimensions, energy beings and ascension as well as my path in general.

My first awakening happen in 2000 when I was 19 years old whilst, of all places, stood outside of a tattoo parlour. I had this intense knowing that there was something I was missing. A nagging feeling that no matter where I looked around me or listened.. something should be there.. that wasnt. This prompted me to choose my tattoo I was about to receive to translate at ‘truth’. As I was determined, one day I would find the truth to this experience and uncover what was missing.

My first expedition into the Spiritual Path  started a few years after this when I began to read on such theories and concepts that matched the information gained in my stories (this was one hell of a shock!).

My spiritual growth suddenly seemed to speed up in 2010 and has steadily gained in speed over the following years, leading me to believe that my true purpose was originally pre-set for when I recognised my Soul Connection.

Since then I have continued to awakening and heal on my own path whilst occasional crossing lines with my Connection in energy and spirit as we both progress together in spirit, whilst apart in the physical.. which is a good thing as I am sure that if we met sooner, we would have been too much of a distraction for each other!

Now in 2017, my own spiritual awakening long since finished,  my awareness has narrowed down to two, intertwined paths.

  • My personal path, currently in a stage termed ‘Resurrection’
  • My union of my my Being