Sacred Heart – The Next Level

Twin Flame.. no, this isn’t a Twin flame thing. The process I was going through was one, but it isn’t were I am.  That was more of a re-cap, bringing me up to speed. Twin Flame process I have already been through in another life, no wonder it didn’t make sense, yet seemed to! I am past that already, which explains how I already knew about them and the process. I was remembering gong through the process previously in another life, then going through a run of the process to get me back up to speed to where I need to be. To change those human beliefs and such to get me ready for the next stages. Continue reading


Blog of Justice. Bringing Clarity to the Loss of Self and Twin.

This sort of sums it up really. My solo mission is to bring Justice to the loss and ‘losing’ element of going through a spiritual awakening and soul connection. Not just that but with being incarnated at all. The sense of what is to be lost, already is lost and what never actually was to start with. Tarot: Justice and 5 of swords. The sum point of my last 16 years of writing and its taken this long for me to work this through. Continue reading

Now the Puzzle Pieces Start to Fit Together

I was introduced to the davvincii sphere and name Melchizedek. The concept of reality being a bubble just beyond our fingers.

So on a flick through of past events, where am I?

In a shrinking reality that is only within me to start with, one of which doesn’t feel right and I don’t wish to stay in. With a story of potentially more beyond it as my light in the distance.

I don’t dislike this I see and hear. I think my issue is with how I feel as in ‘me’, aware, self. That is what is feeling squeezed. Also what doesn’t feel right. Can I end this inner world and remake it literally? Especially as it is all within me?

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No-Self Mystery Solved. Truths Revealed. The Final Battle

I have been having a lot of thoughts on these aspects for the last few weeks of which I have not blogged.

I have ‘lost interest’ in myself as I was informed by a guide one morning, hence my weirdness I haven’t been able to put my finger on for a few months/years now. It has been steadily growing again over September and now I am more aware of it to have been able to write my last article which is the end of a 3 day process.

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Awakening is About Being Aware, Not Remembering

I have often gone ahead with the common beliefs that to awaken to oneself is to remember. Yet I can safely say that remembering has nothing to do with it.

I have spent the last 5 years with the remembering concept in mind, meditating, intending to open and remember my true self, my divine self.

Well… that was wrong! Continue reading

Detachment from 3D/Physical Reality or an ‘Issue’?

Wondering today, my ‘issue’ or what I think is an issue, is it simply the fact that I have succeeded in detaching from the physical world? It certainly matches, leading me o wonder if my perspective of this being an issues, is actually the real issue. Most certainly a possibility and worth looking into. Continue reading