Vlog: The Great Pre-Occupation

The Dream. Unawakened. Asleep. Illusion. Many names yet elusive like the wind it cannot be known it exists but for that which is affects.

Plus general update.

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Vlog: Tis How it Tis

New vlog!

Internal conflicts can be hard to spot and even harder to resolve. In perception, both are correct, yet both cannot remain.

Going deeper into that conflict to bring out the details I found makes that choice easier. That and accepting the conflict to begin with..

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The Price of the False Self

It is interesting how you can try to discover hidden beliefs and behaviours to release them, you know they are there but you can’t ‘see’ them. You can’t see the root to grab and yank it up for good.

Yet sometimes they just appear naturally there, as if served up for you without really having to try, just by allowing yourself to run the course. Continue reading

Self Judgement

Lets go back to the start, or where I have learnt since to after the rest of the book! So, whats about now. I judge myself? My reactions, changes, my spirit, my life, other people? In I judge for my own benefit and not in a good way. Rather then to keep myself safe, I do it in everything, as it might hurt or offend me. When in fact many a time it only, affect me because I judge it as if I need to deny or accept. Continue reading