Transforming Imperfection into Perfection, Opening the Crown and Physical Ascension

I had a moment of realisation of how the imperfections that were causing me so much distress in my awareness and consciousness where in fact, perfection themselves. This only took a split second and my entire awareness became clear. Continue reading


Fear From the Fall

Ok.. something is saying that for whatever reason, I am not allowed to be/have access to all the deeply good stuff of the human emotion! That life can’t be or isn’t meant to be, that am never able to be happy etc.

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Becoming the Rainbow

Its dawning on me how I separate ‘here’ (the physical), the astral and what I consider ‘spiritual’ occurrences and the process of ascension.

I seem to keep looking ‘here’ for the results of the process that I perceive in the astral. Though what if what happens in the astral IS my spiritual/ascension results and growth? Continue reading

Awakening is About Being Aware, Not Remembering

I have often gone ahead with the common beliefs that to awaken to oneself is to remember. Yet I can safely say that remembering has nothing to do with it.

I have spent the last 5 years with the remembering concept in mind, meditating, intending to open and remember my true self, my divine self.

Well… that was wrong! Continue reading

Detachment from 3D/Physical Reality or an ‘Issue’?

Wondering today, my ‘issue’ or what I think is an issue, is it simply the fact that I have succeeded in detaching from the physical world? It certainly matches, leading me o wonder if my perspective of this being an issues, is actually the real issue. Most certainly a possibility and worth looking into. Continue reading

Anger at a Perceived Broken Reality

No sure if due to the last entry the day before or accumulating circumstances, but I got very anger at how broken things seemed to be. Nothing worked right or as it should be.

This lead to anger that how things seemed empty hollow, just empty mental constructs and nothing at all. This brought my feelings not being right, something very wrong, missing back to the front. The feeling something is wrong, so I let it go out and accepted how I felt. I surrendered to the fact that this is how I felt. Something dont ‘feel’ right.

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Exploration of Consciousness and Dimension

I was typing up a few entries and this one was about Unity. I realise, reading back, that this view point is mid change yet again.  My mind and body are all energy. So apart from my belief that my body is 3D only, what else is there? The body is created in reality of the mind and therefore is limited only by its beliefs. The body doesn’t have to be 3D only. That is only my perception.
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