Dual Angelic Being – My Twin Flame Truth

I was pondering whether to make this into a blog or vlog as I have been wanting to make it for a while yet I didn’t feel I had enough information to make it worth the while. Continue reading


Soul Connection Update!

Been a while since I did either article or vlog on just my soul connection and many a things has happened so I figured its time for an catch up on what I have learned.

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Working Through a Self-Perception

I seem to be caught in this state of ‘shallowness’ towards this whole connection. How I feel about this, or how I think about how I feel.  That to feel such things are shallow. To want, desire such things. For this to be important emotionally. I know I have read time and time again about shallow feelings in connections. The desire and want, as things best moved away from and being ‘lesser’ in some way. Continue reading

Transforming Imperfection into Perfection, Opening the Crown and Physical Ascension

I had a moment of realisation of how the imperfections that were causing me so much distress in my awareness and consciousness where in fact, perfection themselves. This only took a split second and my entire awareness became clear. Continue reading