Dreaming of 23 September 2017

I am not Christian or a follower or believer of Jesus and/or Mary yet I somehow was shown this last thing this morning.

As it has such a strong feeling (that and the song is stuck in my head since I woke up) I figured I would share this just in case.

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Perspective Shift – Careers..of all Things

Well this one came somewhat out of the blue. I have never thought I could be shown the career path I should choose through a dream, though I think it just happened! Continue reading

No-Self Mystery Solved. Truths Revealed. The Final Battle

I have been having a lot of thoughts on these aspects for the last few weeks of which I have not blogged.

I have ‘lost interest’ in myself as I was informed by a guide one morning, hence my weirdness I haven’t been able to put my finger on for a few months/years now. It has been steadily growing again over September and now I am more aware of it to have been able to write my last article which is the end of a 3 day process.

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Forgetting My Script in My Internal Play

Haven’t had this dream in ages. Usually I am in a play and I am trying to play along, though I don’t remember my lines and I am trying to copy a dance others are doing or remembering what I am meant to say. (This night I had a new sensation of energy before sleep). This time I was lucid there and felt something inside me, all over though it was only brief but definitive. Continue reading

Reality and Self. Where Does One End and One Begin?

Belonging and Ego/Self. Everything may be seen within, by my sense, my reality, though that doesn’t mean they are mine or that they are me. Does it? I seem to have that feeling of something like.. (using the table as an example) ‘the table is me, I created it inside and of myself therefore it is part of me’.

Ok that I can see in terms of the reality as created by the energy body. Though what about the ‘actual’ thing being seen, not the image of it? In a way, I understand it is all energy created by my energy body within the energy body? Reality is within. Continue reading