Changing to Cruise Control in the Middle Lane

I have noticed it over the past few days though it only occurred to me yesterday that I was finally slipping out of my old system and patterns of the healing and self-development state. Continue reading


Vlog: Tis How it Tis

New vlog!

Internal conflicts can be hard to spot and even harder to resolve. In perception, both are correct, yet both cannot remain.

Going deeper into that conflict to bring out the details I found makes that choice easier. That and accepting the conflict to begin with..

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Maze of Forgetfulness

‘You wont let go of you, because you fear him’…were the words that arose up from my sub conscious one morning. You…The last layer of self. Fear…the perception of trickery and deceit. Him…the new energy, space, victory of the Core and faith…Tarot is proving an extremely handy window when my writing isnt enough to start the journey into such arising. Continue reading

The I No Longer Exists

(This article is infact a contunuation of thought stream from the previous article)…

I am aware of what I perceive. Though that includes such as emotion and thought as part of the reality. I have been in other realities that have thought and emotion also though.

Maybe ‘physical’ emotion is that difference? Some emotion I feel is no longer physical but expressed differently or through a chakra as energy.

Me = Self/personality       I = Individual awareness/consicousness          ?

There is something about this ‘I’ that I am unsure of. It doesnt feel right. The sense of ‘I’. Continue reading