Transforming Imperfection into Perfection, Opening the Crown and Physical Ascension

I had a moment of realisation of how the imperfections that were causing me so much distress in my awareness and consciousness where in fact, perfection themselves. This only took a split second and my entire awareness became clear. Continue reading


Maze of Forgetfulness

‘You wont let go of you, because you fear him’…were the words that arose up from my sub conscious one morning. You…The last layer of self. Fear…the perception of trickery and deceit. Him…the new energy, space, victory of the Core and faith…Tarot is proving an extremely handy window when my writing isnt enough to start the journey into such arising. Continue reading

The Price of the False Self

It is interesting how you can try to discover hidden beliefs and behaviours to release them, you know they are there but you can’t ‘see’ them. You can’t see the root to grab and yank it up for good.

Yet sometimes they just appear naturally there, as if served up for you without really having to try, just by allowing yourself to run the course. Continue reading

The I No Longer Exists

(This article is infact a contunuation of thought stream from the previous article)…

I am aware of what I perceive. Though that includes such as emotion and thought as part of the reality. I have been in other realities that have thought and emotion also though.

Maybe ‘physical’ emotion is that difference? Some emotion I feel is no longer physical but expressed differently or through a chakra as energy.

Me = Self/personality       I = Individual awareness/consicousness          ?

There is something about this ‘I’ that I am unsure of. It doesnt feel right. The sense of ‘I’. Continue reading

Withdrawing Physical Reality Tethers

Realised last night that my insecurity was simply due to the fact I had realised and removed the basis and stable foundation to which I saw as a root of myself and life. A very physical attachment of securit and ‘need’ for existence. Removing them = insecure. Mental attachment to phsyical and external ‘things’ in life that I beleive kept me safe and that I needed. Continue reading