‘Unified Angelic’ Being Update

As update on from my own understanding of what is going on for me as started in Dual Angelic Being, I have finally been able to connect how it follows on from Twin Flames, just like mentioned in my last article Sacred Heart.

The link article above was the closest I have come and yesterday I found an article regarding those who are Twin Flames, within one human body.. sounds familar! Continue reading


My Higher Self is..Ascending?

I am writing this follow on as now, a day or so later it is starting to dawn on me just what has been going on!

After my energy working, later that day, I brought my Higher Self in to ground, root and balance with her.  As this was happening I was visited suddenly by a jackal headed,  extremely well built entity who I picked up as ‘Guardian’ who was returning. Continue reading

My Higher Self is.. Dishonest?

This is a new one. The higher Self is usually made out to be some wise truth based being with only our own good in their intentions yet this is saying otherwise!

I decided to hold the thoughts that often appear in my mind during the night/morning and take my attention up to my Higher Self for further information. The response?  Basically saying its ‘lol’ working with you.

Errr… sorry? Continue reading

Something is Afoot! SC/TF Milestone?

I wasn’t to sure earlier, now I am all but certain. Something is, indeed, afoot!

It started yesterday I believe, with the realisation I was holding a lot of resentment for the whole soul connection/twin flame process up to this date (talking about years) and how that process had made me react. How my lack of understanding and perception caused me pain and hurt. The illusion of being offering something that would never be, that I was going through all this suffering to attain something that wouldn’t manifest. That on the other end, they seemed blissfully unaware and content to carry on regardless if they even knew what was going. IF it was even going on and if so, it was something unimportant and there were much better things to do. This was the perception my level of awareness and consciousness gave me and from this came the anger and resentment of being made to go through this…

Of course I wasn’t not fully aware of all this at the time. From what I have been aware of, I have been constantly re-affirming my openness and acceptance of this process and where it leads whilst feeling there was more going on I wasn’t aware of.

So, being made aware of all this now makes me realise why I may have been having trouble with the open connections and communications. So acceptance and acknowledgement of this along with forgiveness was the theme of yesterday with an open ended releasing and purging.

Last night I had a visit in my ‘Other Place’ (a type of psychic reality) several visits actually. The first was working on my back energies and chakras along my right side, as often happens.

I didn’t realise who it was until she whispered in my ear. It was my grandmother. I have never had anyone I knew before so I was surprised and she gave me a quick hug when I told her I finally recognised her voice. She also pointed to my chest and told me to remember to look to.. I dont recall the words but it was something akin to a ‘main/primary/first/base’ link. I asked if this was my heart to my solar or my heart to my soul connection. I received no answer and she left.

Next there was another person behind me close, snuggling up.. aforementioned soul connection it seemed. I said nothing as normal, not wanting to break his experience or comfort he seemed to be getting from the snuggling.

Later in the early morning, I had what I can only call a heart (centre) awareness. Not aware OF my heart but my heart had its own awareness of something. I couldn’t fully put it into any words that did justice, though it was something akin to everything between us, or to me, being clear and healed. I am not sure if this was between us, or from him to me.

Then when I was going through my daily struggle to get my butt outta bed I had a half back of the mind thought of ‘Oh that is happening today’. Now I have no idea what it is, whether it is direct or indirect, maybe for him, maybe us both.

However with all these things in 12 hours make me think its more than a coincidence!