Vlog: Personal Revelation of Truth (aka Can of Worms)

It is amazing how a great revelation is usually followed by some harsh truths.

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Working Through a Self-Perception

I seem to be caught in this state of ‘shallowness’ towards this whole connection. How I feel about this, or how I think about how I feel.  That to feel such things are shallow. To want, desire such things. For this to be important emotionally. I know I have read time and time again about shallow feelings in connections. The desire and want, as things best moved away from and being ‘lesser’ in some way. Continue reading

The Price of the False Self

It is interesting how you can try to discover hidden beliefs and behaviours to release them, you know they are there but you can’t ‘see’ them. You can’t see the root to grab and yank it up for good.

Yet sometimes they just appear naturally there, as if served up for you without really having to try, just by allowing yourself to run the course. Continue reading

Soul Connection Doubts, Fears and Duality

Have been putting off writing anymore. Just feels non stop. I don’t have that many issues. They are meant to bring them out so you can work on them during separation, how does that work if you never physically met?

Is there an in spirit version? Maybe. I should look at it from that angle? How do I feel about the spirit only side? How do I feel about the knowing only side? I guess it helps to work on what is. Continue reading

Judging, Censoring and Allowing of Love and SC

Started typing up these writings. I am surprised how many experiences I have relating to SC I had forgotten about and have gone back to questioning. I asked my tarot how to open myself to my deep and hidden emotions. I had started by given my heart time to clear itself. 3 Blocks I felt including from the high heart it seemed. I asked for chakras going by the background colours are main colour. Judgement = blue – ok simple enough (hopefully) writing this will help that as I am expressing. Continue reading