‘Just One More Thing Left’

Ok.. this thought appeared in my mind one night. Though, what does it mean exactly?

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VLog: Current Soul Connection Revelations and Feelings

I couldn’t wait to grab my camera and talk about this. I feel today has made such a shift that I was eager to get the process started! Continue reading

Working Through a Self-Perception

I seem to be caught in this state of ‘shallowness’ towards this whole connection. How I feel about this, or how I think about how I feel.  That to feel such things are shallow. To want, desire such things. For this to be important emotionally. I know I have read time and time again about shallow feelings in connections. The desire and want, as things best moved away from and being ‘lesser’ in some way. Continue reading

Vlog: Tis How it Tis

New vlog!

Internal conflicts can be hard to spot and even harder to resolve. In perception, both are correct, yet both cannot remain.

Going deeper into that conflict to bring out the details I found makes that choice easier. That and accepting the conflict to begin with..

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