Illusion of the Fear of Self – Uncovered!

Finally! The preparation stage is nearly over and the time to act is upon me! Continue reading


Vlog: Personal Revelation of Truth (aka Can of Worms)

It is amazing how a great revelation is usually followed by some harsh truths.

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Video Venture Series: Soul Partner

Video Venture Series: My Soul Partner (aka Twin) has been a huge part of my whole growth process, especially over the last 5 years. Whether He is in the physical or not, I can not deny the primary aspect that this has been in my life and the huge impact it has had. Continue reading

Soul Connections as a Spiritual Path

I guess its safe to say that this connection is my spiritual path/growth. I often think of them separately, but they aren’t. A defensive tactic? Or simply misunderstanding?

I believe its important to finally see that they are one in the same. One is just a very general idea, the other, more the way. Spiritual, the growth is the what. Connection is how. It is more needed than I realised.I thought it was like a bolt on. An option extra. Though what if it IS the how and the way? Continue reading

Soul Connection Doubts, Fears and Duality

Have been putting off writing anymore. Just feels non stop. I don’t have that many issues. They are meant to bring them out so you can work on them during separation, how does that work if you never physically met?

Is there an in spirit version? Maybe. I should look at it from that angle? How do I feel about the spirit only side? How do I feel about the knowing only side? I guess it helps to work on what is. Continue reading

Judging, Censoring and Allowing of Love and SC

Started typing up these writings. I am surprised how many experiences I have relating to SC I had forgotten about and have gone back to questioning. I asked my tarot how to open myself to my deep and hidden emotions. I had started by given my heart time to clear itself. 3 Blocks I felt including from the high heart it seemed. I asked for chakras going by the background colours are main colour. Judgement = blue – ok simple enough (hopefully) writing this will help that as I am expressing. Continue reading