From Ruin to Restoration..

It is the feeling that now hangs within my body. The feeling put into a word. The desire, want and choice to restore.

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Reality and Self. Where Does One End and One Begin?

Belonging and Ego/Self. Everything may be seen within, by my sense, my reality, though that doesn’t mean they are mine or that they are me. Does it? I seem to have that feeling of something like.. (using the table as an example) ‘the table is me, I created it inside and of myself therefore it is part of me’.

Ok that I can see in terms of the reality as created by the energy body. Though what about the ‘actual’ thing being seen, not the image of it? In a way, I understand it is all energy created by my energy body within the energy body? Reality is within. Continue reading

Understanding Consciousness and Reality Prt2

So back to what I have been working through the last couple of days.  Spirit is currently, partly infused into this physical 3D body. Partly or fully. Or neither. Can a spirit be fully in multiple places? Does the spirit bring all these multiples into a single space? A shared space by the spirit or Oversoul in many bodies? Bodies are separate, but the spirit/Oversoul is always in the same, one space. The shared space. Continue reading