VLog: June 12 2017 Energy Update and Experiences


Visualisation of External Reality, Internally.

A few times in my dream last night it was mentioned I couldn’t see (which I couldn’t). Brother said to ‘open your eyes!’. Yes, that silly a problem. Awake not so eyes..easy! I mean!

I thought about it after waking. ‘How do I see?’. I had an immediate response ‘walk down the street’. So late morning I went. Half way I felt myself compress. I felt shorter. I went with it and wondered again. Continue reading

Personal Pondering on My SC/TF Phenomenon

Pondering this morning about how I remember myself and him, who asked me to. I do not feel that I have enough to ‘jog’ my memory.

All I have are ideas and none that seem to ring a bell or shake anything loose. Maybe looking into the ‘why’ would help?

The thought I am nothing more than a means to an end, the carrier of an energy, a code to do something makes me feel a bit of a Trojan horse. I do not like the idea. That there is no ‘spirit’ or ‘who’’, just a what. I am nothing more than a delivery system. Continue reading