My Understanding of Everything

Time for a sit down and writing of what currently is going on. This is what I channelled from my higher consciousness and even had a 11:11 to confirm it… Continue reading


Changing to Cruise Control in the Middle Lane

I have noticed it over the past few days though it only occurred to me yesterday that I was finally slipping out of my old system and patterns of the healing and self-development state. Continue reading

Energy Update: Cool Stuff Happening!

Ok, tell me someone else is feeling this energy today!! ( I know one that is)

Woke up hit with the knowledge that something had changed, something today would change.

Then.. found it so hard to get out of bed, laid there for ages. A strange feeling of resistance to getting up.

Then when I did.. heaviness..

My tarot is giving me Tower and 6 Cups. Destruction, falling along with the emotional past..


Yesterday I was working on my fear, my fear of awakening and taking the place amongst the Beings being offered. I thought this change was just me, then I heard another felt it to..


The Unique Journey

When I first started looking into metaphysical and spiritual events I was brought into a very well set out and organised world. Like a fairground there attractions, rides, thrills and new experiences to try. All had their own unique feature and experience to offer. There were even huge sign posts of what was available and where. Continue reading