VLog: June 11 2017 Energy Update. Current State in the Energies.


Feeling of Jealousy Towards Alternate Selves/Realities with SC

Heard something had gone. Something in the way wasn’t there anymore. Cards online mention mourning. My own mention the old, spirit->physical limitation and leaving old baggage behind. Confirmation with another (online).

Maybe I am jealous of other selves being with him? I can understand that, even though it’s still me. Can I be jealous of myself? Only if there is some degree of separation. I guess. Continue reading

Soul Connection Doubts, Fears and Duality

Have been putting off writing anymore. Just feels non stop. I don’t have that many issues. They are meant to bring them out so you can work on them during separation, how does that work if you never physically met?

Is there an in spirit version? Maybe. I should look at it from that angle? How do I feel about the spirit only side? How do I feel about the knowing only side? I guess it helps to work on what is. Continue reading

Using RTZ (Astral) to Continue Healing

I found myself last thing in Real Time Zone (as I think it) so pulled myself out. I was in a hallway with a door in front. I opened it and found myself in the back room at a relatives house. I thought there must be a reason, turned round to leave and found stairs behind me going up. There was a figure stood 2-3 steps up. Continue reading