Dual Angelic Being – My Twin Flame Truth

I was pondering whether to make this into a blog or vlog as I have been wanting to make it for a while yet I didn’t feel I had enough information to make it worth the while. Continue reading


Awakening is About Being Aware, Not Remembering

I have often gone ahead with the common beliefs that to awaken to oneself is to remember. Yet I can safely say that remembering has nothing to do with it.

I have spent the last 5 years with the remembering concept in mind, meditating, intending to open and remember my true self, my divine self.

Well… that was wrong! Continue reading

Reality and Self. Where Does One End and One Begin?

Belonging and Ego/Self. Everything may be seen within, by my sense, my reality, though that doesn’t mean they are mine or that they are me. Does it? I seem to have that feeling of something like.. (using the table as an example) ‘the table is me, I created it inside and of myself therefore it is part of me’.

Ok that I can see in terms of the reality as created by the energy body. Though what about the ‘actual’ thing being seen, not the image of it? In a way, I understand it is all energy created by my energy body within the energy body? Reality is within. Continue reading

Understanding Consciousness and Reality Prt2

So back to what I have been working through the last couple of days.  Spirit is currently, partly infused into this physical 3D body. Partly or fully. Or neither. Can a spirit be fully in multiple places? Does the spirit bring all these multiples into a single space? A shared space by the spirit or Oversoul in many bodies? Bodies are separate, but the spirit/Oversoul is always in the same, one space. The shared space. Continue reading

Reality – The Illusion of Permanence

A strange feeling. Talking about the world on SF I can feel a new one, a new society maybe another dimension. I see a persons back and behind them white buildings. The person looking down a street. It feels good. A good place. I wonder if I can visit….

All I do at the moment is heal. Issues, fears, deprogram myself. Is there nothing else? Or is this all preparation? I have no clue what will happen, what will change. If anything I can’t not understand how. How can all this change? Continue reading