VLog: June 12 2017 Energy Update and Experiences


Maze of Forgetfulness

‘You wont let go of you, because you fear him’…were the words that arose up from my sub conscious one morning. You…The last layer of self. Fear…the perception of trickery and deceit. Him…the new energy, space, victory of the Core and faith…Tarot is proving an extremely handy window when my writing isnt enough to start the journey into such arising. Continue reading

Writing to Face a Shadow Self Aspect

The image I had of the little girl holding the ‘orb’ ‘its mine’. Is this the ego ‘owning’ everything, that orb being everything. It makes a certain amount of sense actually. It wants to have, to own, to claim, to possess. Why? It doesn’t want ‘me’ to have it? Or it wants to have it. Simply selfish or defensive? I have heard it likes to claim ownership. Though cant it actually hide things in this way? By not letting me have it? All though the guise of an immature girl who is selfish, possessive, angry, upset, screaming? Continue reading