Sacred Heart – The Next Level

Twin Flame.. no, this isn’t a Twin flame thing. The process I was going through was one, but it isn’t were I am.  That was more of a re-cap, bringing me up to speed. Twin Flame process I have already been through in another life, no wonder it didn’t make sense, yet seemed to! I am past that already, which explains how I already knew about them and the process. I was remembering gong through the process previously in another life, then going through a run of the process to get me back up to speed to where I need to be. To change those human beliefs and such to get me ready for the next stages. Continue reading


Soul Connection Update – All is Fresh and New

It has been a while since I did any work on my soul connection/twin flame so after a rash of recent revelations and insights (and following on from my last post), I decided a focused blog post and tarot reading was in order. Especially since they say March and April is meant to be a time of big changes, which it certainly has been! Continue reading