Vlog: June 9 2017 Energy Update



A Brief Experience of Stepping into the Now

At some point last night I felt a knowing/remembering. It seemed to come forward from within. I felt it moving and as it arrived I realised ‘I WANT to be in all nows!’.

I opened to this revelation and not long after, I stepped into the now. Continue reading

Feeling of Jealousy Towards Alternate Selves/Realities with SC

Heard something had gone. Something in the way wasn’t there anymore. Cards online mention mourning. My own mention the old, spirit->physical limitation and leaving old baggage behind. Confirmation with another (online).

Maybe I am jealous of other selves being with him? I can understand that, even though it’s still me. Can I be jealous of myself? Only if there is some degree of separation. I guess. Continue reading