Video Venture Series: My Dark Night of the Soul

Video Venture Series: My Dark Night of the Soul.  A brief run through of my experience of dark night of the soul and the general anxious, depression and wondering if you just insane..

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Video Venture Series: Maze of Forgetfulness

Video Venture Series: Maze of Forgetfulness. I came to understand my spiritual process only a few days ago. I have written a blog about it (link below) though here I try to explain it in words and try to express more that I just can’t through the written word. Continue reading

Maze of Forgetfulness

‘You wont let go of you, because you fear him’…were the words that arose up from my sub conscious one morning. You…The last layer of self. Fear…the perception of trickery and deceit. Him…the new energy, space, victory of the Core and faith…Tarot is proving an extremely handy window when my writing isnt enough to start the journey into such arising. Continue reading

Intention and Release

I find my best time to set my intentions to release old patterns and energy is just after I have gone to bed. I get comfy and set a solid intent. Something along the lines of ‘Here and now I choose to let go and release… I release this to my higher self and guides to be removed’. I figure, the more I do it the easy it will be to open up to. Continue reading

Using RTZ (Astral) to Continue Healing

I found myself last thing in Real Time Zone (as I think it) so pulled myself out. I was in a hallway with a door in front. I opened it and found myself in the back room at a relatives house. I thought there must be a reason, turned round to leave and found stairs behind me going up. There was a figure stood 2-3 steps up. Continue reading