Soul Connection Update!

Been a while since I did either article or vlog on just my soul connection and many a things has happened so I figured its time for an catch up on what I have learned.

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A Brief Experience of Stepping into the Now

At some point last night I felt a knowing/remembering. It seemed to come forward from within. I felt it moving and as it arrived I realised ‘I WANT to be in all nows!’.

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No-Self Mystery Solved. Truths Revealed. The Final Battle

I have been having a lot of thoughts on these aspects for the last few weeks of which I have not blogged.

I have ‘lost interest’ in myself as I was informed by a guide one morning, hence my weirdness I haven’t been able to put my finger on for a few months/years now. It has been steadily growing again over September and now I am more aware of it to have been able to write my last article which is the end of a 3 day process.

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Awakening is About Being Aware, Not Remembering

I have often gone ahead with the common beliefs that to awaken to oneself is to remember. Yet I can safely say that remembering has nothing to do with it.

I have spent the last 5 years with the remembering concept in mind, meditating, intending to open and remember my true self, my divine self.

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Exploration of Consciousness and Dimension

I was typing up a few entries and this one was about Unity. I realise, reading back, that this view point is mid change yet again.  My mind and body are all energy. So apart from my belief that my body is 3D only, what else is there? The body is created in reality of the mind and therefore is limited only by its beliefs. The body doesn’t have to be 3D only. That is only my perception.
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Understanding of Consicousness and Reality

Not sure if my own interpretations is right, even if not it expands the mind.

Was working on how the mind is 3D part of the body. The ‘how’ it all works. I started on the idea of shifting all to 5D ready ‘transmute 5 gold’ came to mind. I had the feeling 4th body was ready, yet 5-6 wasn’t. So I figured having them ready was a main step. Not sure how far to go though 7-8?

Whilst letting this transmute happen I took note of what happened. I had a very bad judgemental, bullying, putting down visual/thought story. So I realise it, named it and offered it and the space it came from, intending/imagination cutting the cord. Continue reading